The Good Finance card, if they steal you, they solve it with a call

As we know that choosing a credit card is not an easy matter since it is almost, almost like choosing a sentimental partner, but a couple that has to accompany you in your purchases, from our comparator we have decided to dedicate an article to the presentation of Good Finance.

Thus, we will make you aware of its advantages and everything necessary to hire it. In this way you can decide if this credit card is definitely what you were looking for or passwords and continue to investigate the card market.

What does the Good Finance credit card offer you?

What does the Good Finance credit card offer you?

The advantages of this card do not look bad and, to top it all, we can enjoy all of them without having to change banks:

  • There is no annual payment. Therefore, card maintenance is free.
  • The payment is flexible so the holder can decide how much he wants to pay each month.
  • Of course, it has online banking, the fundamental aspect these days and in which Good Finance has not wanted to be left behind.
  • You have a service that they have named PuenteCash® with which you can transfer cash to your bank account.
  • In addition, you can comfortably withdraw money without having to go around many times because you have at your disposal more than one million ATMs throughout the world. Therefore, surely they have touched you in luck a handful of them very close.

What insurance does the Good Finance card have?

What insurance does the Good Finance card have?

Like any good card, Good Finance offers you a good insurance team so you can explain yourself without worries either on a trip to Corfu or on your online purchases. Let’s see how this tranquility takes shape:

  • Purchase protection insurance: Covers most items purchased with your Good credit card. Thus, these products will enjoy protection against theft or accidental damage for a period of up to one hundred days from purchase. Which is not bad at all. Of course, check the conditions carefully to avoid surprises.
  • Accident insurance and 24-hour travel assistance : If you only pay the tickets for that trip that you are looking forward to with the Good Finance credit card, you will have insurance in case of accidents caused by authorized public transportation.
  • Emergency Assistance and travel medical advice service that provides Good Finance card customers with an emergency assistance network, with information on medical and legal services should they need it.

And one more advantage of the Good card, and what an advantage!

Thus, if your worst nightmare (and that of most mortals) is that you lose your wallet or simply lose it with all its content, Good Finance has come up with a solution that is not to catch the thief or organize a search from your wallet, the truth is that it looks a lot like it. Specifically, it offers you an invaluable service because with a single free call, the lost cards will be canceled and your immediate replacement will be requested. In addition, you can do it at any time and regardless of the country.

Therefore, take note of this Card Protection Plan that can save you from a fat woman.

Of course, Good Finance also gives you a loan.

There are more aspects to review on this card, as credit is also part of its characteristics:

  • It gives you back 1% of the amount of your purchases.
  • At your disposal you will have up to 5000 ¤ of credit, in addition to being able to choose the payment method that best suits your needs.
  • Nominal interest rate (TIN): 19%.

What conditions must you meet to apply for the Good Finance card?


If you have already fallen in love until the barriers of the enormous possibilities and benefits associated with this credit card, we will tell you what you need to start the procedures for your application:

  • ¤ 12,000 per year. What do you think? Do you fail in this? If everything is correct, we move on.
  • The applicant must be between the ages of 22 and 65.
  • The DNI or NIE, if applicable, must be in force.
  • Your place of residence must be Spain
  • Nor can you request it if you are registered in the delinquent registry as ASNEF / EQUIFAX.

Where can I apply for the Good Finance credit card?

Where can I apply for the Good Finance credit card?

Once you have checked that you enter the profile described, you will not have to inquire too much, because you can order it right here, in our credit card comparator. In this sense, more than 40,000 customers have already accessed Good Finance from our website to collect more information or request the card.

In addition, if you consult our website you will be able to read the numerous comments and opinions in this regard that customers have left. The truth is that most of them have been satisfied with the experience of Good Finance and their comments are positive. However, we encourage you to read them and therefore extract more information about your credit card experience.